Landscape of Morocco – Photos Gallery

     From the top of the walls of Marrakech, standing on the parapet, you scan the distance: the city is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains. On the horizon, they cut out jagged reliefs crowned by the eternal snows. Something magical emerges from these landscapes that calls for discovery and makes you want to go on an adventure!

Between the valleys of N’Fiss and Ourika, unfolds the Toubkal National Park. A few tens of kilometers are enough to join him. Yet, arrived on the scene, the feeling of change of scenery is absolute! You are in the central part of the Atlas, in the middle of 38,000 hectares of protected areas: junipers grow here and there, oaks cover you with their foliage as eagles flying overhead screaming.

Under the guidance of a guide, you can embark on the ascent of Jbel Toubkal. Two days are necessary to the company but the game is worth the candle which leads you on the heights of one of the most beautiful summits of Morocco and Africa. Throughout the expedition, you appreciate the fauna and flora: there, they are jackals, weasels and foxes; here, it is a nest egg in some gorges. Throughout the journey, a greenery composed of thuja, dwarf palms, prickly pear and many other species.

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